About us

Welcome to the wonderful world

Founded in 2008, WW is a Spanish born company created by a small team of people who believed that they could make a change by making the unreachable reachable, bringing dreams to reality and changing the way we use the bathroom. From large spaces to the most unique designs, the bathroom has evolved to become one of the most important focal points of any house, restaurant, hotel or any where a bathroom is required.

AT WW we set out to explore every opportunity to create products with its own personality. We strive to meet different demands in taste and are capable of transforming, through our products, any bathroom into a lifestyle statement. With the vision of offering a comprehensive bathroom collection by combining beauty, elegance, comfort and quality of life into every product carefully designed and fabricated. WW is here to make a change, to make the unreachable reachable. To bring luxury, comfort and well being for everybody.

Innovation, design & quality is our philosophy and the perfect execution is our goal. We invite you to explore WW.